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My first year as a beekeeper in 2006.† I started with 3 colonies.†


Morgan Apiaries is a family business owned and operated by Bruce and Theresa Morgan. We are located in East Central Georgia in Hancock County.

We take pride in the products we produce.† We only sell honey that is produced by our bees.† We have a local Wildflower honey and a North Georgia Sourwood honey.

We are a small beekeeping business that keeps growing each year. Having always been a woodworker and part time cabinet maker since high school, building beehive components came easy.† For several years I† have been offering my products to other beekeepers.

I manufacture my hives from long lasting Cypress lumber.† Cypress wood is known for the ability to hold paint and for itís long life.† I also have some pine products.

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Morgan Apiaries

196 W. J. Archer Rd.

Sparta, GA† 31087

To contact us:

Cell:† 478-357-4029